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I'm Marlo Torrelli and I teach empathic and highly sensitive therapists how to build a prosperous practice without feeling drained.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're exhausted

    You went into private practice to have a better life, but you're working long and late hours for low fees because you put your clients' needs before yours or your family's.  

  • You often feel guilty 

    You second-guess your own decisions, especially when you know you need to say "no." You feel guilty when you have to set boundaries

  • You feel like an imposter

    You feel like you have to accept every client. 

    You lack confidence and don't have a specialty that makes you stand out.

  • Your energy is drained

    You want to help everyone, but you dread some of your sessions.

    You wish you could work more with the clients who energize you 

  • You're overwhelmed by the numbers

    Business plan? What business plan?

    Grad school didn't prepare you for running a practice and you feel lost. 


Empathic and highly sensitive therapists are uniquely gifted with the ability to be successful in private practice,


but we can also fall into the traps of

exhaustion and overwhelm more than other clinicians.


You deserve better and so do your clients. 


I wouldn't be where I am now without coaching from you, Marlo. Having support from someone who has done it successfully herself was so important.


Now a 6-Figure Practice Owner

What if you could balance your empathic abilities with a straightforward business plan that protected your energy and led to profit?


  • Stop people-pleasing with your schedule and fees 

  • Never again ignore your own needs or become depleted 

  • Stop feeling like you can't attract the clients who energize you

  • Overcome imposter syndrome for good

  • Stop worrying that you don't have the knowledge or skills to succeed in business

  • Never again feel like your practice is running you instead of you confidently running your practice

I understand these feelings because I used to be where you are.


Now I help empathic and highly sensitive therapists learn the same low-stress system I used to grow a prosperous practice that gave me back my ENERGY and FREEDOM.


My experience with Marlo was one of support, direction, education, reassurance, validation, guidance, empowerment, and skill-building. She coached me and was 'in it' with me the entire time, which was beyond valuable to me.


Practice Owner and HSP

Want the specifics?

Here are some of the things I help therapists do:

  • Get clear about the policies and boundaries that are missing in your practice... and make a plan for implementing them now! 

    Learn how to extend your compassion to YOURSELF, how to value your time and energy more effectively, and how clients benefit from this mindset shift.

  • Identify the beliefs and confidence blocks that are holding you back

    Learn how your thoughts and feelings are getting in the way of your happiness and your profit AND how to correct it NOW.

  • Choose your perfect niche and learn exactly how to market to your ideal client

    Identify your IDEAL CLIENT and learn how to get them into your office (or your Tele-office) so you can help them with your unique skills and experience.

  • Develop a business plan that makes sense to YOU

    Learn the exact strategies that will make you feel CONFIDENT and COMPETENT in your ability to handle the "numbers" in your practice.

  • Get the systems you need and know how to use them

    Identify and implement the SYSTEMS needed for success as an empathic therapist in private practice... especially if you plan to work with insurance.

  • Define your profit strategy

    Ensure that your practice is SUSTAINABLE over time so your practice will RESTORE you long-term. 


With my Mind Your Business system, you can go from:


People-Pleasing to Clear Boundaries and Policies


Proving Yourself to Confident Specialist


Confused to Competent Business Owner 


Exhausted and Overwhelmed to Balanced Therapist!

I came to you for practical business ideas but you gave me so much more than that. You gave me confidence to try new ways of doing things and my practice is better for it!


Practice Owner and HSP

Meet Your Coach 

Hi, I'm Marlo.

​I'm a licensed clinician, a business coach, and a highly sensitive person.


I owned a thriving private practice before growing it into a successful group practice in 2017.


I learned the hard way how to balance my empathy and compassion with the right mindset and business skills so I wasn't constantly drained and underpaid.


Now I love helping other empathic and highly sensitive therapists build practices that give them the energy,  freedom, and profit they've worked so hard for.


  • Being a mom is my first priority.

    My motivation has always been my child. Being present as a parent is the most important thing in my life. I'm grateful every day that I get to live this life. 

  • I love learning.

    I'm an avid learner and crave knowledge. 

    If you call me a nerd, I'll take it as a compliment and will probably try to teach you something I've learned!

  • I'm a huge animal lover.

    If I'm home, there's usually a beagle or a cat nearby. My favorite part of doing Teletherapy has been getting to see all of my clients' pets during online sessions.

  • Connection is my thing.

    As an Empath and INFJ, I love connecting with others in meaningful ways. I'm happiest when I'm around other intuitive feelers and those who want to make a difference in the world. 

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